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Accurate, impactful, ethical translation for companies that care.

Tear down language barriers and spread your message far and wide.

Trust your multilingual copy and content to an experienced professional who understands your business and your target market.


Rely on Sea Change for translations that really speak to your international audience and do your mission justice.


I normally take care of Spanish and French to English translation projects personally, and have a team of specialised translators available for projects into other languages.

If I don’t have the perfect person for your ethical translation project in my pool, I’ll let you know where to find them. Whether I or one of my trusted linguists takes care of your project, quality is always our number one priority, and I’ll keep you updated every step of the way.


I’ll take the time to understand your mission and values, what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Trust me with your:

Funding proposals

CSR reports


Academic papers

Book manuscripts

Internal communications


Transcreation is creative translation, and is perfect for marketing texts that need an extra special touch to capture their readers’ imaginations.

A marketing campaign or creative text will never work if it’s just translated literally, as what works for one culture rarely works for another.


Transcreation for ethical brands means the finished text will inspire the same reactions, emotions, actions and results as the original did.


Trust me with your:

Blog posts

Social media posts or campaigns

Slogans and taglines

Website copy

Printed marketing materials

seo translation.

As a small business owner myself, I know how crucial a good SEO strategy is.

Don’t let all the effort you spend on driving traffic to your website go to waste when it comes to going multilingual.


SEO translation makes sure the correct steps are followed from the start, with keywords, user experience and Google algorithms in mind throughout the translation process.

transcription and subtitling

Ethical businesses should be inclusive businesses. Reach people with hearing loss or those who speak a different language.

I can create a transcript of your audio or video content, or deliver translated subtitles, so you can engage with the widest possible audience.


If you need subtitles in multiple languages, check out my multilingual project management services.

‘Kate works to very high standards, communicates well, delivers on time, and like a true pro she actively seeks feedback. Her commitment to and passion for translation shine through and make her an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Translator, copy editor and proofreader in the luxury sector

Any questions? Ready to get started?