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Flawless copy and content inspires trust.

My revision, editing and proofreading for ethical brands helps you make sure the content you’re putting out there is totally error-free and you’ve nailed the tone of voice you’re aiming for.

Academics, writers and researchers also turn to me when they need to make sure their finished articles, papers or books are clear and accurate.


Depending on your needs, you can choose between the three levels, or I’ll recommend the best option for you.

Level 1: Proofreading

Proofreading is perfect for any copy or content you’ve written in your native language, as you need to make sure no typos slip through the net.

I’ll check your texts for spelling and grammar mistakes and offer a flexible, collaborative approach to make sure the result is just what you need.


I can work in Word, directly in your website/TMS, or with final PDFs, making sure the text is where it should be and no errors have crept in during the DTP process.


Level 2: Bilingual revision

Perhaps you’ve had your words translated in the past, but you need to be sure the work is accurate and makes your company or organisation come across well.

Maybe you’re not a native speaker, but your own English is top-notch and you’ve translated your text to save time and money. But you want to know your work will have the impact you need it to have.


I or one of my pool of qualified translators will check the translation against the source text. We’ll identify any omissions and mistranslations and ensure the final text flows like an original piece of writing.

Level 3: English language editing

Sometimes, proofreading or editing aren’t quite enough

English language editing for sustainable brands or academics is about going beyond typos and making sure the text is perfect for your target audience.


I’ll make sure your tone of voice and register are consistent and fit with your brand values or goals, and use my knowledge of your industry to make sure the text suits your purposes.

Turn to Sea Change if you need a hand with revising, editing or proofreading any of the following:

  • Academic papers
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Manuscripts
  • Articles or blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Marketing campaigns


‘Kate works to very high standards, communicates well, delivers on time, and like a true pro she actively seeks feedback. Her commitment to and passion for translation shine through and make her an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Translator, copy editor and proofreader in the luxury sector

If you’re not sure which level is right for you or have any questions, just send me an email including as many details about your project as you can.

I’ll get back to you ASAP.