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Sometimes engaging and inspiring a global community of changemakers feels too difficult. I get it.

Does this sound familiar?


You are ready to send your message to a foreign-speaking audience.


There are key people you need to read your story and support your project, a target market you want to expand into, or a global team of experts you’re eager to collaborate with. You know you need to speak their language to engage with them, inspire them and to have the most positive impact.


But you’re so busy keeping a million different plates spinning, trying to grow your business or keep your organisation afloat through the hardest of years, you’ve got so many demands on your time and energy that thinking about multilingual content keeps slipping down your to-do list.

You’ve considered using free machine translation tools, but, as a non-native speaker of the target language, how do you trust Google Translate not to randomly spit out something wrong, ridiculous or downright offensive?

You’ve tried writing those posts and blogs yourself, but it takes SO long and you’re not confident writing in your second language(s).


It was hard enough outsourcing your copywriting for your “home” audience. Finding a trusted partner you can work with to deliver quality translated content seems even more complicated.


It’s easier to focus on familiar ground and growing your audience in one language. But you’ve got a sneaky feeling you’re missing out, and you’ve noticed others in your industry are targeting a foreign audience with multilingual content. There is a world beyond your own borders that is waiting to be inspired, make changes and take action.


If you’re not speaking to them in their language, you’re hiding from them and denying them that opportunity. If you’re speaking their language but that translated content is full of mistakes or doesn’t flow, it will distract and deter them rather than attract and engage.

It will make it hard for them to connect to your mission, find what they’re looking for or take the action you want them to take. 


You want to send your message soaring over linguistic and cultural barriers.


You want to grow your brand by increasing your engagement and sales from a new market.

I know exactly what this feels like because I face the same challenges as a time-poor business owner trying to wear all the hats, increase my income and publish multilingual content that will enhance rather than damage my reputation.


I get it.


Recognise yourself here?