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Multilingual copy and content for global positive change.

Get your voice heard internationally, create a movement and turn the tide on climate injustice

Do you do what you do out of a desire to create a greener, fairer future?


Do you believe in the power of compassion, connection and collaboration?


Are you in it for more than just endless growth and ever-increasing profits?


Are you looking for someone to help you communicate with a global audience?


I would love to be that someone.

Your mission is to make change happen for the planet and all the people on it.

You need multilingual copy and content that will send your message soaring across borders.


To make a real difference to climate action, social justice and international development, you have to communicate and collaborate globally.

My mission is to translate your impact.

I’m here to help you break down linguistic and cultural barriers with the right words, in the right language, at the right time. If we all work together to achieve effective multilingual communication, we can make a meaningful difference.

Hi, I’m Kate Stansfield

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about languages and the planet we call home.

After studying languages and getting under the skin of multiple foreign cultures, I worked in the translation industry for over a decade.


But as I learned, grew and became a parent, I just couldn’t keep my inner eco-warrior down. And that’s how Sea Change was born.


I’m here to demystify the process of getting your message across linguistic and cultural barriers.


To make multilingual content marketing and communications a smooth, hassle-free and (dare I say it) enjoyable experience, not an extra item to add to your extensive to-do list.

Sea Change is the perfect match for purpose-driven businesses, organisations and individuals.

ethical and sustainable brands

You’ve poured your heart and soul into building a brand that prioritises both people and planet. Now it’s time to share it with an international audience. 

Make it easy for ethical consumers to discover your eco-friendly products or services. Speak their language.

Social enterprises, charities and NGOs

Engage supporters, build communities and raise awareness about the most urgent social and environmental issues by speaking to your audience in their own language. 

Help teams scattered all over the globe communicate effectively by providing them with key documentation in all the languages involved.

Writers, researchers and academics

After all that hard work, do your message justice by ensuring it’s communicated in clear, error-free English.

Get your proposal or paper translated from scratch or edited by a professional who understands your field and is committed to quality.

Sea Change-icons-service-English editing

Translation and transcreation

Helping companies that care tear down language barriers.

Accurate, impactful translations that do your mission justice.

From CSR reports and SEO-optimised website copy to social media content.

Sea Change-icons-services-revision

Revision, editing and proofreading

Typos or awkward translations are bad for business.

Make sure the content you’re putting out there is error-free and fit for purpose.

Sea Change-icons-service-Multi-lingual comms

Multilingual project management

A project involving multiple languages is always tough and time-consuming to manage, especially if it’s your first time.

Trust it to a professional multilingual project manager and get guaranteed quality, without the stress.

‘Kate works to very high standards, communicates well, delivers on time, and like a true pro she actively seeks feedback. Her commitment to and passion for translation shine through and make her an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Translator, copy editor and proofreader in the luxury sector

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